Siberia? Land of the Lost…

Hello and welcome to my blog, it’s a first for me I was told I like to speak about everything why not make a blog or rather a gripe site? I really hate almost everything, well not everything BUT alot of what happening today. Siberia is the topic of my first gripe, I have lived there and have family there and some of the shit that still happens there needs to be recognized, forget Afghanistan and Iraq that’s all about oil and drugs we know that BUT Siberia well that’s a travesty all in it’s own. You want to talk about human rights being ignored, child pornography, human smuggling, starvation, murder and out right genocide…..that’s today’s Siberia. I am a Canadian who married a Siberian girl and have had the privilege of visiting that place-several times actually and the B-S I have had from both Russian and Canadian governments was extremely overwhelming and to this date has bankrupted me and has left me with family there in Siberia who without my help would perish for sure. I want to immigrate my mother in law and sister in law BUT this government tells me that is an impossibility because of the red tape, I think the real reason is that their skin color is too light and they have too much education and might possibly do some good here in Canada instead of having their fucking hand out looking for a handout, I’m sorry I get a little pissed off sometimes when I think of all the parasites who managed to sneak their diseased welfare sucking ass into Canada through a back door or frog ship. I will continue to fight to get them here but how long can they last? Their only armour is faith in me and god to get them here….Peace

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